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  1. New Testament Baptism: Option or Order
  2. Areas Where I Can Grow
  3. Areas of Growth Part 2
  4. Five Ways of Coping
  5. Living With the Radiance of the Gospel
  6. What Humility Looks Like
  7. Ways to Express Thanks to God
  8. Do Right, Don't Complain
  9. My Loss My Gain
  10. The Prize of the Upward Call
  11. Stand Firm, Stand Together
  12. Walking with Jesus
  13. Lord, Teach Us To Pray
  14. Pray Don't Stop
  15. Five Wonders That Underscore the Special Nature of Jesus' Birth
  16. Close, But Not In
  17. To Eat Was to Sin
  18. Satan Wants to Destroy You
  19. Satan's Most Tempting Offer
  20. The Birth and Immediate Impact of the Church
  21. Church Membership Part II
  22. God's Steadfast Love
  23. How the Cross and the Empty Tomb Benefit Me
  24. The Day of God's Salvation
  25. Send Me
  26. A Well Planned Life
  27. The Real Mother
  28. One Invitation, Two Destinations
  29. Timeless Principles That Guide The Wayward Back to God
  30. Jesus Helps In An Emergency
  31. What A Mighty God We Serve
  32. Your Will Be Done
  33. The God Who Comforts
  34. Instructions and Warnings to a Persecuted and Tired Church
  35. In My Defense
  36. Ministering Out of Love
  37. O Land of Rest For Thee I Sigh
  38. An Eternal Labor Day Celebration
  39. The Promised Return
  40. God's Promises are Certain
  41. Witnesses to Jesus
  42. How to Be a Church of Wide and Ongoing Influence
  43. The Beginnings of Worship
  44. The Weak and the Frail
  45. The Best Is Yet To Come
  46. The Judgements
  47. The Appeals of God and His Messengers 2-10-19am
  48. The Grace of Giving 02-17-19am
  49. The Good That Comes From Bad 02-17-19-am
  50. Ministering In Hostile Environments 02-24-2019 AM
  51. Instructions For A Healing Congregation 3-3-19 AM
  52. Why Jesus Ministered the Way He Did
  53. Reasons People Rejected Jesus
  54. Reasons People Believed Jesus
  55. Why the Cross is Important to Us
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  57. Atl Canada Assoc FWB Eric Thomsen 3 PM
  58. Atl Canada Assoc FWB Ken Akers 6 PM